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SENDINGDONG – What Is That?!

Posted by SEND Network on

People around us took 1.2sec to understand our new concept of SENDINGDONG. Yes, it's a full-fledged e-commerce platform with same-day delivery services. We allow business owners to display their products on our website for FREE to showcase their best items which we want their customers to experience the real online shopping experience. Easy right?

But, what do we mean by real online shopping experience? The quality experience that we want to emphasise in our business. When we say real online shopping experience, we mean it. Buy now, get your items delivery same day (unless you want us to deliver the next day) and that’s how online shopping should be (buy, pay, send and DING DONG!! And the doorbell rings at your doorstep)!

Again, why SENDINDONG? Cause we are the first homegrown technology company that fills the gap between e-commerce platform and delivery services. We run both under one operation. We want to help more local e-commerce businesses in the market to monetize their brand through SENDINGDONG and we want our merchant’s customers to be able to enjoy the real online shopping experience without worrying their parcel lost. It’s the next generation of shopping!
Therefore, our team work very hard to ensure your favourite items be on the list. We are still a growing infant at this stage, if you have any great items that you want us to sell on this website, feel free to suggest and our team will do our best to make it happen.

-By SENDINGDONG Communication team

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