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About Us

A lot of people have asked us, why the name SENDingDong?

Long long time ago, somewhere far away in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, a mystery stone was found, and it says “unique gift experience”. Since then SENDingDong has adopted “unique gift experience” as its principle. With FREEEEEEE delivery!!!!!

SENDingDong has a range of special gift products, and We Want You to choose your delivery at your own time and date to prepare for that special moment 😊 But what if you forgot an important occasion, let’s say the love of your life’s birthday? 😮 Don’t worry, we can deliver in less than 4 hours, and it’ll make you seem like maybe you did not forget their birthday 😆

What is the magic we used for such a quick delivery? Well it is because SENDingDong is powered by SENDelivery

If you think you have a cooler and more awesome stuff to sell on SENDingDong. We are glad to help you to increase your sales and solve your delivery headache.