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U-Mask is the first biotech face mask. Designed by U-Earth, the mask is environmentally friendly, anti-proliferative and self-sanitizing, and has been technically certified as a class 1 medical device.

The mask does not just block contaminants including pollutants, bacteria, and viruses, but captures and destroys them inside the mask utilizing U-Earth's unparalleled Bio-Layer™ which is natural, non-toxic, and capable of stopping even the finest particle.

We have identified a molecule - a polymeric mixture containing a natural active ingredient - capable of inhibiting the growth of bacteria and microbes, which severely limits the race of contracting multi-drug-resistant microorganisms and transmitting pathogens between humans. This is affixed to a layer of filtration fabric to become the Bio-Layer™. During lab tests, the new molecule identified by U-Earth has demonstrated an incredible power to reduce the bacterial load and is fully effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

U-Mask comprises two pieces - a cover and a refill filter. The cover is ECONYL® regenerated nylon, made entirely from the ocean and landfill waste, and can be washed and recycled. The refill is formed of four layers - the Bio-Layer™, the nanofiltration layer and two pieces of non-woven fabric. It offers guaranteed results for up to 150-200 hours of actual use.  

  • Each set of U-Mask (regardless of colour) consists of one Cover & one Filter.
  • The Filter has the effectiveness of between 150 to 200 hours of usage.

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JP Merchandise Sdn. Bhd - The authorised Reseller of U-Mask in Malaysia.



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