LENNOX Firm Up EX Collagen 16's

LENNOX Firm Up EX Collagen 16's

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Get all the skin-beautifying ingredients in one bottle of Lennox FirmUp+, which is a natural & potent beauty essence and rich in synergistic food based ingredients like Aqueous Marine Collagen, Coenzyme Q10, OPC (Grape Seed Extract) & Vitamins for a firmer and more radiant looking skin.

The Aqueous Marine Collagen used in FirmUp+ is 100% water soluble with low molecular weight and excellent digestibility. Unlike Conventional Collagen which has high molecular structure that will not easily dissolve completely and not well-absorbed by the body.

The ultimate Multi-Action of FirmUp+

  • Whitening
  • Improve make up application
  • Anti UV protection
  • Hydrating / skin nourishing
  • Reduce formation of wrinkles
  • Skin cell renewal

Vitamin C ~ Vitamin C plays a crucial role in diminishing the effects of free radical damage. It is also an effective protector of the skin from ultraviolet rays' damage. Besides that, Vitamin C alsopromotes the synthesis of collagen.

Vitamin E ~ It forms a shield that actively protects the skin from the destructive actions of oxidization.


  • Combat free radical damage to delay aging
  • Locks and strengthens skin collagen to keep it firm

New Benefits of FirmUp+

  • New formulation
  • Combine liquid and powders
  • High potency and fast absorption
  • Extra "Whitening effect" with Whitening Essence

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