Dragon-i Premium Mooncake A (NON-HALAL)

Dragon-i Premium Mooncake A (NON-HALAL)

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  • RM 104.00

*For Mooncake, Kindly refer to below description for more specific
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*This product are not available during public holiday
*This product will be proceed on next business day if order after 3PM

The Dragon-i Premium Mooncake set comes with a classic gift box, is an ideal as a thoughtful gift. 

The gift box consists of:

  • 天津板栗松籽 Tianjing Chestnuts Paste 
  • 至尊伍仁 Exotic Mixed Fruits & Nuts 
  • 单黄松籽白莲蓉(低糖)White lotus paste and pine nuts with single yolk (low sugar)
  • 香港双黄白莲蓉 Hong Kong White Lotus Paste With Double Yolk

    *This product is NON-HALAL.
    *This product is only available until 17 September 2018
    *This product is only available for Klang Valley Delivery.
    *Price stated above includes delivery fee within Klang Valley.
    *This product will be delivered on next business day if order AFTER 5PM.
    *Same day delivery is available for Monday to Saturday.
    * This product is not available during public holiday.
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    *This product is manufactured by Dragon-i Restaurant Sdn. Bhd.