DR. WU Moisturising Capsule Mask with VItamin B 10's

DR. WU Moisturising Capsule Mask with VItamin B 10's

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A revolutionary Sustained-Release Encapsulation Technology to effectively deliver to skin active ingredients. High concentration of Vitamin B3 and B5 can effectively moisturize and soothe dry and irritated skin, making skin supple. Tinocare GL can attract and retain hydration all through skin layers for long-lasting moisturizing. The continuous application can improve skin hydration and create softer, smoother, healthier skin.

Vitamin B3: Exhibits anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe the skin and promotes skin rejuvenation, and is effective in fading hyper-pigmentation and improving skin barrier functions.

Tinocare GL: Scleroglucan Polysaccharide, is a member of the β-glucan family, which has unique long-lasting moisturizing effects.

Vitamin B5: Provitamin B5 stabilizes the skin barrier function and reduces the amount of water lost through the skin, resulting in improvement of skin softness and elasticity.

Contains: 10 pcs


  1. Can be used 2-3 times weekly.
  2. After cleansing and toning, discard the plastic layer.
  3. Place the middle active layer onto the face, and peel off the blue layer.
  4. Wait for 10-15 minutes, then discard.

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