Black Gold Legend Tea

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Available Flavour:

黑糖姜母茶 Black Gold Legend Ginger Tea

Ingredients are brown sugar, ginger, dates, longan. Rich ginger flavor and sweetness moderate brown sugar taste, after drinking the whole stomach warm, very comfortable. Brown sugar extracted from sugarcane itself is rich in minerals and vitamins, brown sugar and warm, with the old ginger and dried longan when cooking with drinks, with the effect of cold, promote blood circulation, brown sugar also has the effect of the whole intestines and stomach . (Brown sugar Jiangmu tea) not only can prevent colds, but also reduce menstrual pain, qi and blood, improve insomnia, frequent urination, really countless!



寒天海燕窩 Black Gold Legend Sea Bird Nest

In particular, taste the taste of pure delicious you, the original flavor of brown sugar, the simplest flavor. Coral grass and brown sugar authentic; regardless of hot drinks, cold drinks, jelly, and even made bird's nest-like taste, are adults and children favorite drink.

尤其最愛品嚐單純美味的您,原味黑糖寒天最簡單的味道。 珊瑚草和黑糖的原汁原味;不論熱飲、冷飲、果凍,甚至做成燕窩般的口感, 都是大人小孩喜愛的美味飲品。


黑糖养生饮 Black Gold Legend Siwu Tea

Special small size for office workers or small cups developed by the most appropriate capacity. Brown sugar and four things with, to maximize the Siwu Tang and brown sugar to play the advantages of drinking Siwu Tang developed the habit of rosy, it is the best choice for female friends.



紅棗桂圓茶 Black Gold Leagend Longan Red Date Tea

The first one specially designed for children to develop products that can be made into cold drinks, jujube and longan sweet taste Winter drink mild and smooth, summer made of cold drinks or popsicles to drink, so that children eat peace of mind and health can also be made Delicious longan jujube sweet soup, add some seasoning with cooking or dessert. Preserves the original sucrose, sweet taste and rich nutrients for everyday brews, food ingredients, as well as the modulation of all kinds of delicious ice tea or dessert.



牛蒡茶 Black Gold Leagend Burdock Tea

Burdock, also known as tamarind, was found rich in nutritional value, but also with a unique aroma popular in the Asian region, the past burdock metaphor for the "pain of a dish," women buy all wrapped in paper, because of the embarrassed Let others know to make up body for sir.



菊花茶 Black Gold Leagend Honey Chrysanthemum Tea

Chinese people generally believe that chrysanthemum is a symbol of good fortune and longevity, has always been the reward of chrysanthemum, the habit of Ju Ju, can be made into beverages, but also for the courtyard to watch its elegant scent, fragrant and pleasant to eat

中國人普遍認為菊花是吉祥,長壽的象徵,一直都有賞菊、品菊的習慣, 可製成飲料,還可作庭院觀賞其氣味淡雅清香,芬芳怡人亦是食用佳品



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