[2 Days Pre-order] (580006) 巴西绿色蜂胶 Green Propolis

[2 Days Pre-order] (580006) 巴西绿色蜂胶 Green Propolis

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Propolis is a word of Greek origin that means : to defend the city". Propolis is a resinous mixture that bees collect from tree buds, stem sap flows, or tender buds, and mixed with bee saliva that is fermented in the throat gland of the bee.

The bee coat the entire bee hive with propolis, so that the dark and damp hive maintains a sterile state ; its pollen, honey and royal jelly will not putrefy, therefore researchers called propolis a " Natural antibiotic".

Honbo Brazil Green Propolis 
Honbo Brazil Green Propolis is comes from the world's largest virgin forest in Brazil's southern province of Minas, a place FREE of industrial pesticides, and the propolis collected are the most natural and pure. 

The propolis is freshly harvested by hand each week, and uses an extraction and refining method to retain the largest number of active substances (flavonoids) in the propolis. Just 5-10 drops a day , your body's health will be improved and maintained.

It is pure liquid , which makes it easier to be absorbed by the human body.

Contains at least 10% of flavonoids , making it better than other propolis.

Perfect healthcare product for city dwellers.

Weight: 10ml x 3

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